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Right from Genesis, the work of the spirit has not ceased to function in and among men. The spirit hovered over the waters and then spoke. The scriptures are replete with the work of the spirit showing that there are actions that are beyond the natural in the scriptures.
Moses introduced God as the Spirit, the contact that God will have with humanity will be by the Spirit. Right from Genesis 1, God’s purpose and plan can be see – he wants the dark earth to be filled with light. The spirit Life in in God’s purpose and plan. The life of the Spirit follows the direction God has set.

Dr Damina in this book, doctrinally examines:

• The Spirit’s leading and direction into the purpose and plan of God – where there is ultimate fulfillment.
• Knowing how the Father leads His Children
• The inward witness, impression of the Spirit
• Living Supernaturally.
• The will of God and following the plan of God for your life.

The believer is called to run the race that is set before him with patience. Carefully read through the content of this book and enjoy following and walking in the Spirit – completing the race head of you.





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