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Towards Spiritual Growth.

spiritual growth is an interplay between salvation, the enlightenment of the mind and the intentional

pursuit of knowledge and understanding.


This transformative curs within the mind of the believer that permeates.

every aspect of his life.

In this book, Dr Damina engages you on a journey through the details and processes of growth as he examines subjects such as –

The role of the mind in salvation

-The role of the mind in spiritual growth

-The ministry gifts in spiritual growth

-Training and nurturing in ministry

-Ministry activities in spiritual growth

-Ministry as evidence of spiritual growth, and more.

The notion that age is automatic underscores the inevitable march of time, but it is the deliberate pursuit of spiritual growth that individuals shape the essence of their character and draw closer to a profound understanding of their beliefs and purpose in life and serve more effectively and efficiently.


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